Wedding Fees


As of 4 May 2021 Marriage Certificates are no longer issued by the Church on your wedding day. Please click here for more information.

 Marriage Service:        
                        Diocese                                             £218.00
                           Marriage service                            £262.00          
                           Banns                                               £32.00
                       TOTAL                                              £512.00


Verger                                                                         £25.00 (not Plymtree)
Cleaner (Dunkeswell, & Upottery only)                    £25.00
Plymtree set fee                                                          £60.00 (including heating if required)

TOTAL  FEES                                                           

            Dunkeswell & Upottery                                 £562.00
            Luppitt, Sheldon,  & Broadhembury              £537.00
            Plymtree                                                         £572.00  


            Organist                                                           £60.00 (depending on organist)
                        travelling charged at £0.45 per mile

            Heating                                                            £50.00 (not Plymtree)
            Broadhembury                                                £120.00 (before service)
                                                                                    £180.00 (after the service only or both before and after the service)
            Dunkeswell                                                     £60.00 (before or after service) £120 for both
            Luppitt                                                            £120.00 6 bells or £150 8 bells (before service)  
                                                                                    £150.00 6 bells or £190 8 bells
                                                                                                                                                               (after the service only or both before and after the service)
            Sheldon                                                           £10.00 (one bell only)      
            Plymtree                                                          Please enquire 

            Upottery                                                          £150.00 before and after the service

Please discuss Church flowers with our Administrator.

Publication of Banns of Marriage
If you are to marry in a Church outside the Mission Community, but reside in one of our Parishes, you may require banns to be published and a certificate to provide to the Church in which you are to marry.  if you reside in one of our Parishes and are to be married in another Church within the Dunkeswell Mission Community no certificate will be required.

Publication of Banns                                                 £32.00
Certificate of banns issued at time of publication     £16.00

Fees correct as of 01 January 2022