Dunkeswell Community Choir

Dunkeswell Community Choir meets on Tuesday evening, either in St Nicholas’ Church or in the Village Hall, between 7 pm and 8.15 pm.
Initially the idea was to have a variety of music including shows, popular, classic and church to encourage as many people as possible.  However we have not been able to find a leader willing to ‘train’ us and we believe this has discouraged several people.
Currently we are mainly signing hymns and worship songs.  However we are open to new ideas and would welcome any newcomers.
If you are an ‘amateur choir leader’ or know how to read music and instruct accordingly, please consider helping us (on a voluntary basis).
We are not a professional choir, we just like to meet together and sing for enjoyment.  There are no auditions so don’t worry if you think you can’t sing!
If you would like to come along and see what we do please contact our Administrator

Upottery Church Choir
There is also a choir at St Mary’s Church, Upottery. Although Upottery’s choir was declining, it has recently had a new lease of life with the addition of 4 new members.

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