Wedding Fees


Marriage Service;

 Statutory Fees;         

                       Marriage Service         Diocese           £201.00

                                                            PCC                £240.00          

                        Banns                          PCC                £29.00

                        Marriage Certificate    PCC                £4.00

                       TOTAL                                              £474.00


 Verger                                                                         £25.00

Cleaner (Dunkeswell, & Upottery only)                     £25.00


TOTAL                                                                      £524.00 (Dunkeswell & Upottery)

                                                                                    £499.00 (Luppitt, Sheldon,  & Broadhembury)

                                                                                   £534.00  (Plymtree.  No additional charge is made for heating)

 Optional Extras;

 Organist                                                                      Approx. £50.00 (depending on organist)

Heating                                                                       £50.00 

Bells                                                                            Dunkeswell – £50.00 (before or after service) £100 for both

                                                                                    Broadhembury – £90.00 (before or after service only)

                                                                                    Luppitt – £80.00

                                                                                    Sheldon – £10.00 (one bell only)

                                                                                    Upottery – £80.00

                                                                                    Plymtree£70.00 (before service)  
                                                                                                    £140.00 (after the service only or both before and after the service)


 If you would like Church arranged flowers, please speak to the administrator for details of the relevant arranger to speak to, or check the website for details. A donation to the Church will be requested plus the cost of the flowers.

Please note that this service is not available at Upottery

If you are to be married elsewhere and need banns called and a certificate supplied from one of  our Churches:

 Banns Statutory Fees;                         PCC                £43.00


Fees correct as from 1st January 2018